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Monday, September 20, 2010

The War on Christmas Just Jumped the Shark

The Christmas display war--now with more Ted McGinley:

Oh, damn. One more Baldwin sacrificed to mediocrity and the forces of pro-religious-propaganda. Part of the fun--that the atheist against the Nativity display is supposed to be doing it for personal reasons that are entirely besides the point. And "Mitch Bright". Shit. I knew this "brights" idea was gonna be used against us someday, somehow. And the "grinchiness" and the "big city elitists vs. small town folks" and the "Christians started Amurrika!" Yow! This is everything I blog about and nothing I ever thought would be a good movie. Thank you, people who probably aren't even Hollyweirdizens, for making a crap movie about a mostly crap subject. Direct to Netflix.

Alaska? Really people? To guarantee snow and the plausibility of such, and other reindeer games? Oh, people......

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