Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A story about 9/11 that should make people stop before they judge--

I don't support support religion, just people. And I am tired of seeing people getting maligned just for who they are or what religion they have--it isn't right and it isn't fair. I think the idea of fairness should be to look at people for what they do--to look into the content of their character by how they are living their lives, and not necessarily by what book they are reading from, any more than we would judge someone by dress or skin tone. I'll still call out Khameini and the bin Ladens and all that, but I don't think regular Muslim people should be discriminated against anymore than I'd blame all Catholics for the Pope's bullshit response to pedophilia in general and disparagement of condom-use in Africa (!) of all places and the crap way the Catholic Church seems to treat gays all the time. I know some Catholic people who are awesome even if they have a religion that appalls me, and I think this is true for Muslims too: I'd like them even if somewhere entirely else their co-religionists are pissing me off.

War against bad ideas by providing better ideas, people! But don't think you can win people over by attacking them personally! Even if I think this conflict is so obviously engineered as an election-year wedge issue, I still think some learning from it is possible. We can still try to Coexist.

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