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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oregon Faith-healing cult negligently lets their kids die.

I've covered this cult before--I still can't understand how absolutely deranged by religion these idiots are. I still can not imagine how they could be so persuaded that any kind of God worth following would want them to let their kids die when they could be easily healed with medicine.

The baby in this picture is one of the more egregious examples of negligence--if you can see that picture, there is quite obviously a growth on that child's eye, and it is large enough to be very painful if you have any imagination. From the story it accompanies:

The Wylands were indicted within the past few days and probably will be arraigned next week, said Colleen Gilmartin, the deputy district attorney handling the custody case in juvenile court.

Under Oregon law, it is a crime for parents to intentionally and knowingly withhold necessary and adequate medical attention from their children. First-degree criminal mistreatment is a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

The Wylands and their church reject medical care in favor of faith-healing -- anointing with oil, laying on of hands, prayer and fasting. The parents testified at a juvenile court hearing last week that they never considered getting medical attention for Alayna.

According to court documents, Rebecca Wyland anointed Alayna with oil each time she changed the girl's diaper and wiped away the yellow discharge that seeped daily from the baby's left eye.

It is amazing that they could watch a child suffer and even face the possibility of this child being blinded or even dying, over seeking medical attention that was easily available and very effective. If I could even imagine a God (I know I've probably made this point before) that would damn my soul to Hell everlasting for wanting to ease the suffering of a child--so help me, I would be damned, without question, and I would in return curse a God that made us so fragile, and denied us any recourse but prayer and His whims. This is an obnoxious and unworthy God they must follow, that insists on death and pain and illness, and denies the remedies that people find just by wanting to look, through the scientific method.

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