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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh, Sarah Palin, how do I refudiate thee?

The Wasilla Quitter quips on Twitter,
Her glistening wit not gold, but glitter;
The surface sparkles, the content--litter!
A candy shell on a center bitter,

A Tweet full of Sound and fury
text'd by an idiot,
signifying nothin'
(You can drop a 'g'--
in a living language--got to
celebrate it? To quote the Bard:
"Never, never, never, never, never.")

But naturally, my real problem isn't that she invented a word (which I admit I do, all the time--with the exceptions being that a) I know I'm doing it and b) I usually warn you I am, and c) I know what the words I'm using mean and generally whether they are real or not) but that she hopped up on the idea of being against the "mosque at Ground Zero" which isn't a) entirely a mosque, since it sounds kind of like it's a community center of sorts, nor b) entirely at Ground Zero, when it's really more like a few blocks away. And also the Muslims who are running seem to be the "peaceful ones" she somewhat bigotedly is referring to. And New York, which is where the 9/11 terrorists struck, is mostly okay with the whole thing, and the Heartland isn't so much being struck in the heart (which is a "say huh?" phrase if I ever read one--repetitious, graphic, overwrought) as people who want to flog the anti-Islamic sentiment have decided to make this an issue.

So what I'm saying is--there is so very much wrong there, why worry that she doesn't get basic rules of syntax or grammar right? She has basically Tweeted against the idea of religious freedom and the property rights of the people who purchased the site, which last I checked were decidedly American values, and she called upon Muslims to participate in their own discrimination--to satisfy the "real Americans" in the Heartland perhaps?

In other words, she got nothing right. In Palin-terms, that's a perfect score.

(Hat-tip to the whole entire Internet, basically.)

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