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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wow. I see haters.

Crooks and Liars delivers a taste of Rudy Giuliani, who has nothing (and I mean, he's got nothing but criticism) but criticism for the way President Obama has handled the Oilpacalypse. What's funny about that, is that I was just thinking about Rudy Giuliani in relation to how BP is handling part of the clean-up efforts.

See, sometimes, if you are a particular kind of publicity-manipulating, conscience-free assbite, you probably do have a lot to say about your own expertise regarding issues when basically, you are just hanging in, hoping no one notices that you exaggerate the positive, but can't quite eliminate the negative.

I'm not really sure why Giuliani, the man who actively supported Bernie Kerik for a top Homeland Security position, has an issue with Obama's counting on BP's expertise whilst the administration also thinks there may be criminal liability.

I'm also not sure why Hannity doesn't really seem to ever ask how Mr. 9/11 would've handled the sitch. (Oh, I actually am pretty sure why, but do I even need to suggest that Hannity isn't fair and balanced, and is really just giving vent to a resentful 2008 loser who wants to bitch? No, I really don't need to suggest that.) I think a GOPolitician would probably have been even more likely to leave the mess up to BP, to try and minimize the impact (like Gov. Goodhair Rick Perry and Rep. Tom Cole have both done, trying to exculpate BP's liability by claiming it an "Act of God") or still try to be pro-oil and pro-drilling little Messrs Barbour, Jindal, and Ms. Palin.

Oh and speaking of hate, how can I not point out Mrs. Palin's contributions to the national crisis? Her spectacularly wrong-headed opinion is that "greenies" (I suppose by this she means "tree-hugging hippies") caused the Deepwater Horizon epic fail by driving the poor, helpless oil companies to the dangerous fringes of drilling, instead of drilling in nice, safe places, like ANWR.

Okay, criticism accepted. There is way too much concentration among environmentalists about trees and furry critters and less thought given to the oceans. But we don't need to see too many dead dolphins to be all about stopping deepwater drilling, also, too! In fact, most of us were already down on fossil fuels and heavy on development of alternatives and shrinking our carbon footprint--so, um. She's all kinds of wrong, there. Now, where does she stand? Oh--that's right, she thinks she totally didn't stand for off-shore drilling before now. Except she always did.

And her "solution" about drilling in ANWR? She's very mistaken about the impact of that drilling even compared to US consumption, provided any company that ever got hold of those leases ever drilled there. She misrepresents the way the oil concessions work. These companies are international and sell to anyone. It's not like a fucking tomato garden where what's grown here stays here. We'll still be dependent on foreign oil because this country is a petroleum addict. We need to import to satisfy our demand, regardless. The smartest thing we could do is invest in renewable, clean sources, and encourage energy companies to do the same with carrot-and-stick methods.

Oh, but she's an oily character.

Anyway, I had to address the hollow assbiting of these haters or I'd just explode. Like an oil rig or something, amirite?

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