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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And about Sarah Palin and Lady Thatcher.

I read about this over the weekend--but didn't think it necessary to answer until now on my own blog. It shouldn't surprise anyone who still suspects that La Palin will try for the 2012 election to find that she means to connect herself with the singular conservative female darling of the present movement, Lady Thatcher. Margeret Thatcher is understood as the Iron Woman of British politics in the '80's, and her reputation for resolve and competence is legendary.

What does not seem to be said as often with these articles that reference the former- Governor's intent to meet with the UK icon is that Lady Thatcher has been very much undone by Alzheimers' in the past several years. One should therefore be very suspect of the idea that Lady Thatcher actually gave her consent, or for that matter knows who Sarah Palin is, having not entirely been sure of such events as the loss of her spouse from one day to the next.

And this is a heartbreaking thing, whether I ever agreed with her politics or not, But so long as I disagree with Palin's, and so long as I can purely see an attempt on her part to pretend to be endowed with foreign policy cred by a visit with one senile former formidable feminist, I call bull. The time for Lady Thatcher has passed. The time for Sarah Palin, I tend to think, is not, and should never be. And her (or her staffs') supposition that association with a senile but once revered woman should give her any competence by association is dodgy and not appropriate in the least. Or at least, this is what I seriously suppose.

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