Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Too funny--have to share:

h/t to Friendly Atheist:

(I got the "Harry Reems" joke--proud enough of my watching adequate amounts of porn. And for what it's worth, love my LGTB folks a little more because some of us are out and healthy even though a guy like Rekers gets paid by the state of Florida and Arkansas to say shit like gays shouldn't be parents. Like himself. Who is an adoptive parent. And apparently has more issues than National Geographic.)

Anyway, it's a sin of stupidity that FL AG McCollum urged this idiot on the taxpayers of Florida's payroll to lie about how gay parents are bad. And it really says something that Rekers is all hung out, now. Not that he's going to admit to niente, anymore than Haggard did, or Larry Craig did.

This is sad. And Rekers was sooooo dishonest.

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