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Monday, May 17, 2010

Still McCampaign.

I'm not sure what McCain is one of. Maybe he's supposed to be one of Arizonans Sarah Palin says we are all supposed to be, now. (Although I thought he always was?) Or maybe he's supposed to be a protector of the border, like the sheriff, who, um, isn't from a border town. Or maybe he's a person who has now seen the light about the fence, which he was originally against (linked is a long-ish article, but it's buried in the "straddles" somewhere)?

But there's is no mistaking his inimitable campaign style:

John McCain’s campaign manager Shiree Verdone and part-time deputy campaign manager Mike Hellon are both leaving their posts, the campaign confirmed to POLITICO Sunday.

Both are departing to join the state party's 2010 "Republican Victory" fundraising operation, the McCain campaign announced Sunday. "As part of the campaign's plan for this election year, Shiree and Mike are both transitioning over to work with party committees to create a ticket-wide Republican Victory operation,” said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers, who called that new operation “vitally important to help Republican candidates win up and down the ballot all across Arizona."

"Sen. McCain is very grateful for all that Shiree and Mike have done to launch the re-election campaign and establish it on a firm footing and looks forward to working closely with them for Victory in November," he said.

Rogers would not say who would be replacing Verdone and Hellon, saying only that those decisions could come over the next few weeks.

Staff shake-ups. And unpredictable things--check this out at about 4 mins in:

They were talking about the oil gusher, he goes off on the border. It's his big thing. (I hope he doesn't have to suspend his campaign to deal with it....)

Not that the stats on crime and illegal immigration necessarily bear out the urgency with which he's addressing it. But perhaps the needs of his campaign do.

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