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Friday, May 28, 2010

Blogging with my new toy.

I had known that my husband was looking at laptops, but I thought it was just one of those "looking at shiny gadgets" things men do. I didn't realize I would come home and find that he had a new "lappy" on the dining room table.

He got it for me because we had been sharing a computer these last several years, patiently (ahem) taking turns. The problem with that has been that it usually has meant that I'd be getting the computer (My Preciousssss....mine!) at a ridiculous hour and really pushing the envelope of sleeplessness and insanity to burble my nonsense across the Intarwebz.

This resulted in things like falling asleep at the computer, or totally losing track of the time and staggering off to bed at something mad like 2am when I have to be up at 6am. And with rough-ass weeks like this, where I had to be out the door even earlier because my work-commute got fuxxed and got home later for the same reasons, I could just about be coherent, and likely missed choice bloggertunities (def.--an opportunity to blog about a thing in a timely fashion; the window in which a given blog-post is relevant before it is "old memes" or played out).

Anyway, they seem to make laptops way better then they did eight or so years ago, although I'm still thinking I might get a mouse just because the whatdoyouevencall the indented-bit the finger does the scrolling on? is awkward. A big improvement over the roller-ball deal or whatever we were using before, but still awkward. Hopefully this means I can bring more blog. And sleep more on the order of five, even let's go crazy and say six hours a night.

Couldn't hurt!

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