Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vacation is over--Back in Black

Seems like a proper song for getting back in my blogular saddle--I may possibly regale you with tales and pics of my trip abroad if I ever get up to uploading my pics from the digital camera and whatnot. I'm still acclimating to the 24/7 newscycle--in Italy, my husband informed me that his new phone had an Internet plan and I could sometimes (provider/connection permitting) get access to the web.

A few minutes every few days. Aside from vino and pasta and gelati--I was starving!

And now I'm back, I've caught the second presidential debate--the Townhall?

Erm? Wasn't that the kind McCain was supposed to be good at? She wonders aloud. It wasn't good for him. Oh well.

And since I've already seen some kick-butt videos I like, I'll post them and maybe eventually get off my lazy arse and write something. But I'm still partially vacation-minded--don't expect "genius". Just yet.

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