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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Temporary hiatus: Leaving for Italy (vacation)

I'm not sure that I have any regular readers, but if I did, and they were watching this space for more Strangely Bloggings, I wouldn't want anyone to be concerned that I'd blown off this site for good. No, I'll merely be in sunny Reggio Calabria, lounging, drinking wine, and nodding at half-understood conversations (my Italian comprehension being limited.) I will probably get in some swimming, develop my version of a suntan (a hectic pinkish-brown burn that threatens to stay, then doesn't) and eat several pounds of sardines, pasta, and zucchini fritters. What I will not get to do, is blog.

And luckily for me, I won't be reading blogs or even newspapers, or even really be able to indulge in tv news (it being in Italian)--and that's kind of good. The problem with having a politics-monkey on your back is that an election year is one crazy, long, sometimes hazardous binge. If I hope to make it through October, maybe a little "rehab" now isn't a bad thing. (I suspect that being in Italy in June of 2004 saved me from obsessively taking in the media around Reagan's funeral, and possibly preserved my sanity.

So, to celebrate my cultivating a little sanity for the next three weeks (and because I like sharing videos)--a little music:

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