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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia--3 am and nowhere to go?

So--this is John McCain on South Ossetia, Georgia, and the president they have that he's known for a while:

But anybody could fumble a long name, right?

Do they also let a flunky write a speech for them using Wikipedia? Especially if "they" are the presumptive GOP nominee for president?

Why wouldn't a presidential candidate sound like this, instead:

You know, Presidential?

And McCain had background. One of his main foreign policy guys worked for the Georgians. So you can be sure the campaign isn't favoring Georgia for any stupid lobbyist-related-reasons. Because everyone should always know, Russia is the other guys from the Cold War--this revelation brought to you by--Obvious.

By the by, did you know this Shuenemann fellow was also really in favor of the Iraq war, now understood by many to be the biggest US foreign policy mistake ever? So, uh, well, this is the guy McCain trusts.

So, uh--who is ready at 3 am again? Because it looks like the US lacks the moral authority to say Russia can't invade a sovereign nation to accomplish it's own national security reasons since we invaded a sovereign nation for, uh, the same. Awkward. Diplomacy would be a great idea, if our current Sec. of State wasn't someone who made a study of being belligerent and a little wrong about Russia in the first place. And Bush is the lamest of all possible ducks--and he still can't get over how he looked into Putin's soul! Wow! How did the soul searcher miss this thing?

Answer--they missed shit. We armed and bolstered Georgia and talked shit to them, just like Bush's Daddy pumped up the Kurds after the Gulf War. And the plan was always to let them hang. That means people can die. And people did. And more people could now--and the pimp hand is Putin's. All the way, because we have nothing to work with,

Bush is not a foreign policy grown-up--he's a soldier in a global wargame he doesn't even understand. McCain is definitely not. He listens to the words of the last guy he spoke to--nice principles, there, Johnny. Obama is--

The grown-up? Presidential?

Imagine that.

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