Friday, January 8, 2021

No Appeasement

The more I think about about this sort of thing, the madder I become. The people who stormed the Capitol had planned this, had pipe bombs and molotov cocktails and guns and were fashioning nooses and things could have been so much worse, and it was because Trump, and his many accessories, has been signaling that violence was the answer for some time. That's terrorism. He encouraged domestic terrorism.

The pretense that this election would be reversed because of voter fraud allegations was used to encourage these folks. They were being told "Your country is being stolen from you." It was a lie, and Trump and other elected officials knew that.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy knew that, and he went along with that pretense as well. And now he, as part of the leadership of his party, wants to stand here, shit-smeared and Nazi-adjacent, and say "Please let bygones be bygones, because impeaching Trump will only make his little fan club madder."

No. This only happened two days ago. We are nowhere near appreciating the event yet in fullness, but this was terrorism, and we don't appease goddamn terrorists. They are going to be mad no matter what, but there needs to be accountability so people understand what we, as a society, are not going to tolerate. He wants there to be no accountability because of how deeply his party is responsible and his own share of the burden of that responsibility.

Well, tough. Leadership without accountability is no kind of leadership at all. If he doesn't like facing up to it, he can step off.

UPDATE: That goes for Lindsey Graham, too. 

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Serenity Factual said...

They won't stop. "It's all fun and games until ..." forever, as someone getting hurt just takes it to the next level for them. Sure they planned and prepared but probably just as part of their GI-cosplay fantasy. Then when faced with the Capitol doors the blood boiled past playtime and it was on. Now that they have the taste of that terror-power they will be back. It validates all the subversion of any moral conflict that might remain in them, and exalts their righteous anger at the lost cause, which they know they have lost. But that loss will no stop them, and hasn't for 155 years.

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