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Saturday, October 24, 2020

There's a Trend


See, I have been doing this stupid blogging thing for more than a minute, and this year, the Republicans are fielding conspiracy theorists, open racists, and seem to be ready to make the worst sort of people (yes, the worst) (no really, even at such a tender age) into faves. And they are smearing actual heroes

You know, the way John Kerry was swiftboated and Max Cleland as well. Democrats send their best to do their best, and as for Republicans? Well, as Mitch McConnell's bench-stuffing with barely and even unqualified people shows, for them, any warm body will do for the judiciary branch, and we can assume something very nearly the same about the legislature, I mean, they don't even think everyone should vote, or that every vote should count, so they would greatly rather Congress not be some kind of meritocracy or god-forbid popularity contest. 

 In this way, the people who settle into office as Republicans are either ok to pretty bad people frightened of being primaried* by even worse people that the party will still support, and the folks running for office as Democrats understand they need to be better and work harder to withstand the worst that will (yes, will) be thrown at them.
What do you think better serves this country? To my mind, the party that isn't in a race to the worst should be your choice, but hey. I ain't the boss of you. 

* You take Sen. Lindsey Graham, who always behaved like a man terrified of being primaried from the right while also being aware of a demographic time bomb that might make running hard-right anyhow less desirable over time. And so he did his shiny faced best and there's the thanks he gets

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