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Friday, September 25, 2020

Even A Kick is a Boost

Lindsey Graham is pretty sure people hate his guts, and for just having said it out loud where the people can hear, I'd throw quarters at his head while he repeats it if he's really hard up for money. I mean, I'd really wing them and I'd probably keep it to like, a couple dollars' worth because I pay tolls on my commute, but it's fun to hear. Also he doesn't even have guts so how is that happening?

But really, Fox News is giving Senator Graham, one of Trump's big old Renfields, free airtime to do fundraising and he looks close to tears. Incumbency as a Republican Senator in a Red state wasn't supposed to look like this, and especially not after having donated all his internal organs to Trump to keep his chances alive. It's actually crazypants, and he's right to feel some kind of way about it. (But wasn't Reasonable Lindsey, in one of his faces of eve moments, actually saying he knew there was a demographic time bomb underway?)

You know what I do to feel good about things this week and that Lindsey Graham might try? Well, step one, I open a frosty IPA or pour a couple ounces of chilled bitters like Fernet Mint into a glass, and then I watch the ActBlue Ticker go BBRRRRRRyour campaign is trash.

I realize I am signal-boosting Graham's cash-ask. Whatever, throw quarters at him to gimp for clout. But as for me, I would like to kick his slats for the beautiful tubthumping music of the night it makes. I take my pleasures where I find them.

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Anathema Device said...

This and Trump being booed were badly needed boosts to my mood. We have to take them when we can.