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Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Republic, If You Can Keep It

This is from the sole Senate Republican who voted against Trump regarding the impeachment. Romney Tweeted this in response to Trump's failure to guarantee that he would stand by the results of the election, basically implying that if it went against him he would try to invalidate it (just as he peremptorily has been doing by talking trash about mail-in ballots and "rigging").

The Founders always knew that the idea of a democratic republic was a bit dodgy, and we are merely blessed that our first president had the outstanding wisdom to know when to say goodbye. But Trump seems a little stuck on the idea that maybe he can litigate the will of the people. Like he can throw out ballots or appoint better electors.

But I don't consent. I cried the night I knew this idiot was somehow elected by a trick of the white men of property who inserted the electoral college nonsense into the constitution, but I understood there were enough deeply wrong people who voted for him to make this happen, so we'd just have to endure. I wanted investigations of the obvious fuckery of his campaign's apparent coordination with Wikileaks, and therefore, probably Russia, but he was our president. Nobody domed him.

I don't like his vicious militias and his bloated tick of an AG, and I don't like his impeached ass fucking up our foreign policy. I think he's been a singular failure, and that his fan club are practically cultists, believing in things unseen and in fact, unreal, just to make their idiot bigot president palatable.

The media should not try to call the pandemic election early. Of course mail-in ballots matter just like they have mattered before Trump tried to invalidate them. The media should employ all restraint to allow for a complete and fair vote, and if he tries to invalidate it--call him out! Call it a coup! Call it what it is! And if the vote is against him--talk about the will of the people and don't "both-sides" this shit.

He said he might not even talk to the American people again if we voted against him. I want him to make that good. I genuinely wish to never hear from this fool again. It would be better for our Republic that way.

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