Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

"It's called science."

A lot of the Axios interview amazing because, goddamn, Trump is not well-informed, but I kind of thought that when Trump blamed the Obama Administration for there not being a COVID-19 test, he was blaming him because he always has to blame someone else and not because he literally could not understand that COVID-19 didn't exist before 2019. And now I'm pretty sure that, just like he keeps saying the Spanish flu was in 1917 or, I dunno, that Plaquenil is a cure, Trump really is that dumb. The thing got into his head and now no one can explain to him how he's wrong. Just like how tariffs work or any other thing he just gets completely wrong.

And then there's saying "Yosemite" to rhyme with "No, Semite" today. Somewhere in that hollow jack o' lantern of a skull he's got, he's thinking "Well, everyone else is pronouncing it wrong. They should have asked me."

Trump is also a wholly awful person, but are we talking enough about how goddamn dumb he is? Because really, that's the worst part. AND THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO STILL SUPPORT HIM!

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