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Friday, July 24, 2020

What Year is This, Again? Suburban Housewives?

Trump tweeted to an interesting demographic--"Suburban Housewives of America" to let them know that Joe Biden would kill their American dream of a little single home with a white picket fence and 2.5 children playing ball in the yard with their dog, Rusty, by letting the poor urban folks move into their neighborhoods and go to their schools and I don't even know what next!

Anyway, he linked to an article by Betsy McCaughey, and regardless of what year it is, she's the worst. But she does get to the nut of what all this is about, all right:

The president won the suburbs in 2016, but polls show Trump trailing in the suburbs largely because of opposition from women. They need to focus on what’s at stake for their families.

Sure, he might botch a pandemic response, kill millions of jobs, sue to end the ACA which would separate millions of American from health care (which we know McCaughey has concerned herself with like a busy little bee in her time, yes?), and has sent camo-wearing paramilitary forces to, for now, Portland to teargas moms, but he won't ever, ever....have apartment buildings put somewhere near your vague geographic vicinity, which is what I am sure this is actually all about.

Because the American Dream, is why.

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