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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

That Was Certainly a....Campaign Event

I'm just not exactly sure who Trump was campaigning for. I mean, he did his level-best to identify his rival, former Vice-President Joe Biden, with any number of smears, but when he's babbling things about how zero-carbon emission buildings means no windows and seems to not exactly understand how infrastructure is funded as a part of the congressional budget process, brings up Hunter Biden (and reminds us all of how his own dumb ass got impeached) and says nakedly race-signaling things like desegregation of the suburbs will destroy them, it does seem to come off as an advert for the candidate who hasn't told twenty thousand lies and counting and who would know better than to use the Rose Garden at the people's house for an attempted campaign rally speech (perhaps to make up for the one that was called on account of very possible rain or maybe probable poor attendance?).

I understand Trump needs to vent a little. He has a tough job that he doesn't seem to do very well, but shamefully, needs to be seen doing well at. Today, I read Mary Trump's book which in some ways explains the psychodrama of Trump's upbringing and just how it is that he came to congratulate himself for even his failures and blame other people for the damage done. Trump wants out from under the responsibility for the poor COVID-19 government response while still being the chief executive of this country, and so warms to the batshit ravings of advisors like Pete Navarro, who has made assertions about the virus being "weaponized" by China that certainly haven't been supported by intelligence or science and has gone out of his way to smear Dr. Fauci.

Peter Navarro. This Peter Navarro? The guy with an imaginary friend, Ron Vara. A goober within his own discipline who has some nerve taking on someone very well-regarded in their own.

Did anyone try to tell Trump this would reflect badly on him? No. Actually, one of the White House's favorite CNN reporters (not!), Jim Acosta, summed up the situation at the White House pretty succinctly:

Trump is surrounded by the worst kind of people--weaklings who can't say shit because their mouths are already too full of it. The only good thing I can find in this kind of shitshow is that hopefully this connivance towards Trump's worst instincts proves his undoing. But oh, the fucking wreckage we have to wade through before this is all going to be over.


Looong admiring whistle. Yeah, but that op-ed is sure out there in the public view now, isn't it?

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