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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Grief is Not an "Opportunity"

I can easily see how the Reality Show President's brain made the leap from "this is a meeting to resolve a difficult diplomatic situation involving a grieving family" to "this would work for me" (he's empathy-deficient and optics-obsessed), but I really can't fathom the people who would simply go along with it. From the story:

The Dunn family arrived in Washington, D.C. this week to personally make their case to President Trump. During a meeting at the White House, Trump tried to get the family to meet with Sacoolas, who he revealed was in the next room. The Dunn family refused for a host of personal and legal reasons, but the attempt to broker a meeting with the grieving family felt like “an ambush,” Radd Seiger, a spokesman for the family, told the BBC.

“I thought we were coming down to have a debate on the diplomatic immunity law and it soon became clear to us that the real reason for inviting us down was to try and get [Dunn’s mother] and Mrs Sacoolas in a room together,” Seiger said. “And then I looked to my side and I saw at least three photographers ready to almost… do a press call.” “I think the family feel a little bit ambushed to say the least,” he continued.

They were going to use these people for a photo op? Sure, it's been done before. But didn't they even consider that they should have given warning? Obtained consent?

Ghouls. The whole White House, at this point.

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