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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sen. Mike Lee Exposes Why We Can't Talk Anymore

Don't worry about suffering your way through the entirety of this clownish display of indifference and mocking assholery regarding climate change because it is really stupid and glib and it actually mocks people who are under water right now, or at least suffering from the consequences of water invading their homes, farms, and washing out their roads. I'm not sure if Senator Mike Lee (R. Clownschool) thinks he can pave roads with babies, or reseed fields with babies, or rebuild homes with babies, or even try to plug the holes in people's severe-weather-afflicted lives with the poster board on which he affixed his sick memes, but he can basically just stuff his poster board cartoon simplicity up his smug and undereducated ass.

I don't have anything I can reasonably say to someone who stands in front of a congressional body and clowns like this. I can only tell him to go fuck himself.

Flooding in Nebraska has affected a major military base. It affects our "breadbasket" areas. It has destroyed crops and cattle. I don't know how to pin someone by the neck and make them watch the news, but we are right this very minute in environmental danger, and assuming more people (babies?) will somehow be the answer is weird and irrelevant and shows he doesn't care to study even the basics of the problem.

We aren't even doing right by the babies brought into this world right now. We aren't guaranteeing the mothers solid prenatal care, or doing anything to improve maternal mortality rates, or helping them with guaranteed cradle to grave insurance, or making sure they aren't drinking lead-laden, or fracking-involved, or otherwise tainted water. We aren't ensuring these babies get a better science education than poor old Mike Lee ever did (and seems to have a crying need for).

There is a great reason why Democrats did not sign on to the peremptory bill the Senate Majority Leader thinks to make hay on. It is a work on progress, not a finished product. The GOP held senate put it up to be silly and mocking--of a very real issue.

And this is why Democrats and Republicans can't talk--Republicans do stunts like this, when Dems want to do the work that actually helps people. What Mike Lee did here was an insult. Just trash.

We can't move forward when people just act out like fools. That's what this entirely was.

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Ten Bears said...

Seven soon to be ten billion people on a ball of rock that can barely sustain one.

We don't need no more stinkin' babies.