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Friday, March 15, 2019

Cheeto Benito Issues Calls For Veto, Dings Beto, Encourages Hate-Oh?

It was a busy day in TrumpWorld, what with the vote in the House to resolve that the Mueller report should be made public (Which is blocked in the Senate by Lindsey Graham for some reason--will someone tell this dramatic SOB we do not have time to mourn the fucking reputation of Carter Page? We could just go back to not knowing who this guy even is. Also Whitewater was bullshit and Libyan terrorists were responsible for what happened at Benghazi, so sit your Chick-Fil-A eating selectively pearl-clutching ass down ) and with the Senate forcing Trump to issue a VETO! regarding the resolution against his emergency declaration at the border, which was a mockery unto some pretend real ones who wanted to be constitutional conservatives until someone threatened their seats/ asses. If you add the drama that was the Manafort sentencing of yesterday, and the Stone hearing that was about a minute of not much, maybe there's a reason Trump felt pressed to do a semi-fascism about whether his stans would go wilding in the event of liberal viciousness. (Knowing this could very well be the week he had ahead, the datestamp being Monday--and who doesn't hate Mondays?)

He felt sad, you guys. Who doesn't think their own personal brownshirts who almost certainly do have some kinds of skills would freak out if their main dude had a professional setback when they are sad? (I mostly just drink brandy and eat junk food when I am sad because I do not have such stans.) Bikers and police and the military--oh my! I don't know why Trump is so certain that he has these great friends in these groups that will make a civil war over his ass specifically, but, okay. He thinks Oath Keepers and 3 percenters are his gang. 

So, seriously, is Trump saying he wants half ass Nazi police-trained fuck-ups to act as his personal militia in case Democracy or the DOJ decides to fail his ass because he is hopelessly incompetent or hopelessly criminal? (Or both--both is also accurate.) This seems like a thing a person who gave an actual oath to uphold the Constitution would not want, but is definitely in line with Trump's rhetoric, because he has warned Hillary Clinton about the "second amendment people" who could be charged with stopping her, and has used this trope of a combo of state/private actors being his militia previously while actually being president.  Which is really very abusive, wrong, and fascist.  

Now, to snark on the Bikers for Trump, I might not be able to afford a Harley, but I am a young enough Gen X-er to be entirely grossed out by sell-out rebels without a clue who decided their cause was racist, anti LGBT, anti-feminism, and pro-corporate tax cuts and giveaways. These comfortable-assed MF-ers ain't going to war for Trump. They have bone spurs! 

Also, I just want to give a minute to Trump having to have his minion, John Hogan Gidley, respond to the entrance of Beto O'Rourke to the 2020 Goat Rodeo, with a bit of silliness.: Yes, this is Robert Francis O'Rourke--Robert Francis! Just like Robert Francis Kennedy! Thanks for reminding us of who Beto reminds us of, a little! You are so good at this, John Hogan!  Clearly responding to a person using the first and middle names of a person is the entirely normal thing! Please tell Donald John we think you are doing a job of some kind while looking like a badly-aging small boy!

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