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Friday, February 22, 2019

Martyr-Baiting With Roger Stone

Roger Stone made a very interesting play:  how was poor old Roger Stone (with his rotating staff of 5 or 6 unknown persons who use his phone) to know posting a picture of the judge with a crosshairs symbol would make anyone mad?

Please think of Stone's paltry nearly $50k a month takings and donate to this poor, persecuted man's legal fund! (Snerk.) Anyway, naturally, he got hit with a full gag order, and I'm pretty sure he will gag on it and have to talk about how the deep state and its minions are oppressing him and then get thrown in jail.

And I will find that hilarious.

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Ten Bears said...

We have yet to hold Sarah Palin responsible for putting the crosshairs on an Arizona congresswoman and the deaths of the men, women and children that were the result of her putting the crosshairs on an Arizona congresswoman.