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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

But We Do Accept This

Fuck violence.

Fuck "thoughts and prayers" platitudes.

Fuck the NRA.

Fuck "toxic masculinity".

Fuck images of school children jogging from their school with their hands up becoming something we could become immune to.

Fuck every politician that takes NRA money.

Fuck the Trump Administration for calling off a press briefing because a school shooting happened to change the subject for them.

Fuck a world where kids don't worry about passing pop quizzes but hide in closets worrying they will be popped.

Fuck a world where parents' phones buzz an alert that their child's school is a fucking kill zone.  Or they hear their own child's fear-stricken voice trying to explain what is happening and wonder if this is the last time they will talk to their baby.

Fuck a world where we put kids through active shooter drills telling them this will keep them safe when, well, this.

You can ask me if it feels better to curse this out and what the hell am I doing about it and all I have to give is explain I see this great unnecessary scene of horror and want to throat punch every smirking douche who ever makes jokes about "safe spaces".  Because violence ideation can be a very real emotional reaction to stressors but it is inappropriate and I actually won't throat punch anyone at all; but there's safety (an experience of feeling okay talking about things or just even showing up somewhere without feeling threatened or harassed, which doesn't seem like too much to ask) and then there's safety (not getting yourself or a loved one murdered because somebody took their emotional violence ideation all the way through, with the assistance of a very purposefully created murder tool).  And there are people who will on one hand wear you out with talk about how they love "law'n'order" and then display exactly no fucks about whether folks are even safe.

President Obama shed tears for the dead of Sandy Hook Elementary, and was mocked for having human feelings. Fake news shitheads tried to pretend it was a hoax. A hoax. Imagine the inhuman shitbag cruelty that tries to deny real human beings their grieving because it just doesn't sit right with their ideology?

Other folks can offer up their thoughts and prayers. I am throwing in all my fucks. This should not be acceptable. But whenever and wherever we shrug off investigating the problems that make the US so murder-happy, we are accepting it. It isn't just mass shootings, and school shootings. It's drive-by's and shoot-outs and that toddlers and dogs even end up killing people with guns. It's that the CDC can't study the damage guns do. It's that we look at shooters as insane as if to write off the society they came up in. It that people will literally say "It's too soon" to talk about the reasons why it happens, and trying to address it gets called out as "politicizing the tragedy" as if "politics" isn't just another word for people trying to make government work.

Thoughts and prayers--sure. But faith without works is dead, and I want to see politicians try to work on this for a change.

UPDATE: And here's Alex Jones chewing the "false flag" rag again.  And this guy was given legitimacy by Trump. And I will never forget or forgive that shit.

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