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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Omarosa out

I'm somewhat interested in hearing Omarosa Manigault Newman's side of her "firingnation" or possibly "resiring" (I'm not sure which portmanteau better describes the condition of signing a resignation with the unspoken understanding that one's posterior has the qualities of a ruminant's primary sustenance), but deactivating her access card definitely implies that she will receive her office personal effects by post. I don't think her job, as publically undefined as it was, could be easy; being ostensibly charged with African-American outreach for the Trump Administration, she was in a position not unlike Hell's outreach to snowballs.

But despite reports that suggest her departure was untidy and possibly vulgar, there is a part of me that wonders with what abrupt dispatch her orders to get herself hence were made in the wake of the loss of the Trump-endorsed Republican Senatorial candidate when I am genuinely unsure what intervention could even be made to detoxify the image of a whirling jackass, who indicated that the "good old days" were back when we had slavery, in the eyes of black people. I also doubt that Chief of Staff John Kelly "let her down gently" from what I can glean of his style and their working relationship. Maybe what is being described as a "tantrum" was exacerbated the way she was treated--although I do think it interesting that she felt that her friend Donald Trump (not the POTUS Trump, but possibly her friend) could be called upon to intervene on her behalf.

I don't pretend I have any insight about this. But as with previous White House firingnations, it's sort of hard to tell what is just a matter of unsuitability between office-holder and job (a failure to appoint "the best people") and some kind of reality-show political drama.

This is exactly the sort of thing that makes me miss "No-Drama Obama" a little more. His White House was not for the gossip-sheets or reality TV.

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