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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama Dougies, Moore is Nay Nay

I was on pins and needles with this one, folks, and felt fully resigned to the idea that maybe, there were people who were just great with voting for a potential pedo, but a really good guy who will work hard for the people of Alabama has apparently won in that special senate election, and Roy Moore, who is a terrible person, hasn't conceded because Jesus hasn't told him he lost yet, or something. Anyway, I think that a day when the prosecutor of the Birmingham church bombers and the Olympic Park bomber wins over a person who seemed to be backed by people who might have been pro-segregation and pro-abortion clinic bombing, is a good day.

See, I have thought that Yo'anti-Semite-y Sam was a weird cartoon of conservatism, and not actually a qualified candidate, since well before this sub-genius ever ran for the Senate. I don't get how Steve Bannon decided this wanker was his wanker, but mostly because I am "anti-having wankers for candidates" in the first damn place. How Donald Trump threw himself into supporting Moore at the last gasp should actually be embarrassing for him. He supported Strange in the primary, who was at the very least, a not-screwed-up individual that certainly never grandstanded about the Decalogue whilst being about adolescent upskirts. He went in for Moore well after the damaging sexual assault allegations. And the whole special election never would have taken place if he had not tapped the already-compromised during the campaign Sen. Jeff Sessions for his Attorney General. 

Trump is all over how a loss of a Senate seat for Republicans became possible. But the voter turnout of POC voters, especially women, is what made it happen.  And this despite ongoing attempts to deny the franchise to POC voters in Alabama. 

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Anonymous said...

I see hardly anyone mentioning McConnell's idiocy.
McConnell calculated that it was worth it to tie the Republican party to a pedophile if it meant preserving a seat in the senate (a seat that doesn't even tilt the balance of power.)

Well they didn't preserve their seat, but they are still tied to the pedophile.

People might overlook Mitch's sleazy opportunism for a win, but trading away his party's (ill-deserved) reputation for morality to get nothing in return...

If he isn't badly damaged by this it is only because there are so many Republicans tripping over their own dicks that nobody has notices him creeping away in the background.