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Saturday, December 2, 2017

About That Senate Tax Reform Vote

I went to bed just before the vote was announced, and just after noting that that there might be nekkid Rep. Farenthold selfies in the world, and I see a kind of connection, one is always just minutes away from seeing the unattractive side of a Republican.  The bill was over four hundred pages, thrown together with no hearings, addenda in the margins, and opinions from tax experts based on what was known about the outline of the bill that it really did not constitute a tax cut for the folks who could use a break--it gave a tremendous tax break to the wealthy. It also blows up the deficit. Exactly one Republican cared enough about the deficit to bow out--retiring Senator Bob Corker. But he still isn't a hero, because he voted to let this shambles of a bill get on the floor. (Sure, McConnell would have sent it out over the committees' heads, but then it just could have been on him.)

Where was the Senator McCain who stood up against the screwing of the ACA? Where was Senator Flake, who talked with such intensity about how politics had changed? Neither of them are seeing another battle for their seats--but they still had no trouble with this bill, even though, McCain, notably, had made quite familiar reservations known about a tax cut bill some time ago, but apparently has learned to love fiscal irresponsibility. 

Senator Flake sold his vote on tax deformation over a handful of magic beans called being part of a conversation on DACA. I already forget what kind of IOU printed on toilet paper Senator Collins got for her vote. 

There are no heroes on that side. Now, this doesn't mean this income-inequality-boosting bullshit bill becomes a law just yet--they still have to hash out the final deal against the House bill, and there is more than a little difference between them. But they are going to pass something to make up for not having passed anything of any great importance this year, and the end product will most definitely suck.

I trust Democrats should be working on how to run in 2018 and beyond based on this bullshit right here--but this is not even the first time Republicans were exactly like this. But here's a reminder for today and the foreseeable future--they are exactly like this. 

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