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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The TrumpWorld Grab-Bag That Wore It Well

Sometimes, I try too hard to pull off a cohesive TrumpWorld Grab-Bag, and the effect is somewhat like Carter Page in the above pic--suited up for serious business, but with a jaunty little red something or other, like that rolled-rim bucket hat, a signifier of being the Cardinal of Casual.  Sure, he can say he was warding off the sun from his otherwise unprotected pate on a sunny Washington, DC day--but that's boring. He was dropping off subpoenaed documents, and I feel like he was sending a little semaphore by haberdashery. "Red hat at morning, co-conspirators take warning," perhaps? 

We will just have to see. It looks like an investigation that involves the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and a Special Counsel certainly takes a lot of documents. The DOJ has been sent a request by Special Counsel Mueller to send over a broad array of docs, some centering on the firing of FBI Director Jim Comey, which wasn't really supposed to involve AG Jeff Sessions but kind of did, because he recused himself for reasons that are both obvious and really need to be explained.  It's probably a good idea to get a paper trail on Sessions' business, because as has been previously elaborated upon, his memory could be called "fickle".

But I guess when in the heat of getting campaign advisors together or sorting out a chaotic transition, things can often be forgotten--for example, would you believe Jared Kushner forgot to disclose that he had some other Russian contact and maybe a little Wikileaks contact too? That is such a weird thing to forget to mention on your security clearance application, like forgetting maybe a hundred or so other things?  

But stuff gets forgotten all the time. George Papadopoulous was practically forgotten, but apparently not everybody is willing to leave his arrested, plead, co-operating behind out in the cold

(Remember, in case this bizarre quality of folks like G-Papa and Page get you wondering "Who the hell even let these guys on this campaign?" the answer is probably Sam Clovis, who had very special feelings about Russia for some time. )

But in case the rogue's gallery of characters we know quite well haven't complicated things enough--there's probably a talk between Rob Goldstone and the Special Counsel's team coming up. Congressional investigators want to look more deeply into the Russian side of the Trump Tower meeting that happened last year. And there are still so many questions out there about what the hell Mike Flynn was doing.  It looks like these several avenues of investigation will wear well into the future. 

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