Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, November 23, 2017


I think taking the time to take stock of your blessings in life is a great thing. The troubles of the world weigh on us, sometimes lighter than they should. If I am thankful for my full plate, I have to also know that there are people whose larder has been bare. If I am thankful for my heat and light and access to the world through the internet, I also have to understand what it is to be without these things. If I am thankful for my health, I have to also remember those who are without health care, or who soon could be. If I am thankful for the safety of my home, I have to also think of those who might have no home, or might lose their home. If I am thankful for the love I have enjoyed in my life, it needs to be balanced by knowing the love that has been denied  (and is still being denied). If I am thankful for my education, I need to acknowledge that getting a good education is still a struggle for so many.

What I am thankful for, and humbled by, is the gift of perspective. I could be unhappy about the things I do not have, but find the only desire I should by rights want is the ability to work to make anything better for anyone else because of the gifts I do have. And understanding that creates purpose to me, and a better appreciation for all of it.

I could almost pity someone with no perspective, or empathy, or appreciation of the power and wealth dumped in their lap, lacking all capacity to better the life of a single deprived soul because knowing how isn't in them. But of that particular knowledge and blessing, I find myself bereft. And perhaps, it's just as well. Recognizing obstacles that need to be removed is also a kind of perspective.

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Harry Hamid said...

It's easy to lose that perspective when I'm busy with work and whatever else I do. Thanks for the reminder. I hope that I can look at what I have form the glass-half-full perspective...