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Monday, November 13, 2017

Judge Roy Moore Is Fixing to Sue

For some reason, Alabama Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore thinks he might like to sue the newspaper of record that broke a story about women who have accused him of pursuing a "romantic" relationship with them back in the bygone era of the 1970's while they were underage.  This newspaper followed several leads to find four separate women who did not know one another, and had 30 sources. There is no way at all that cases could come together swiftly enough for actual court decisions to play a part in the outcome of the AL Senate race. But you know what could?

More credibly-sourced stories about other young ladies who might have been propositioned. Which, based on at least some of what Moore has been saying, might be some number--see, he hasn't denied chatting up girls in their teens while he was an established adult. He's admitted he's gone around with them, kissed them, and asked their mammas if it was okay.  And if a girl is young enough that you have to ask her mamma if it's okay (not to mention daddies, because he seems to have been cruising family court to see which lil' ol' gals was daddy-free) maybe that girl is too young.  But what we know about predators of the young is that they keep trying. They usually have any number of contacts. "Not generally"--the phrase used by Moore regarding his "dates" with underage girls, means "occasionally". He might not be the best "judge" of how often he offended. 

I don't know if this is a good look. He thinks it is, though, which probably just adds to the argument against him. His reasoning leaves a lot to be desired.

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