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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sometimes They Show Themselves in all Their Glory

I guess most of us who are not giant Trump-Heads are already a little past General Kelly idealism and have careened into Kelly-cynicism: the dude is just as bad as any of the White House  Kool-Aid-itariat, maybe worse because he could have been so much more. But I think the interview that Trump's Chief of Staff just gave pretty much reveals all you need to know--

He's Trump's guy. You could look for anything else in him, but damned if you'll see it. For one thing, he strongly defended a man who would be comfortable seeing black people in this country have a permanent "compromised" second-class citizenship. And for another, he defended Confederate General Robert E. Lee. (The joke is obviously not funny--Trump, a New Yorker, has been obvious in what he means by discussing "our heritage" when talking about the statues of Confederate generals, and it does not mean the heritage of a location at all--but a certain "spirit".) Although he lied in his recollection of Rep. Frederica Wilson's speech regarding the naming of an FBI building for two fallen officers, he sees no truth about her character that he needs to respect. 

He'll spread conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton like margarine on toast, just to get his boss over this little episode of possible light treason, so that the Trump Administration can keep deporting dangerous foreign folks.

I don't know what more Kelly could have been. Sometimes, you just have to look at a person, and let them show themselves.  

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