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Monday, October 30, 2017

Blogging Trump's Tantrums Feels Cheap

I guess I should feel a little cheap for deciding to throw another string of Trump's whaargarble up on my blog for examination, but the fact of the matter is, Blogger and Twitter are not cheap, but free. And the funniest thing about Trump's tantrums is that he sometimes goes ahead and tells on himself.

You take a look at "the lack of investigation on Clinton made fake dossier". Hillary Clinton did not make the dossier. She didn't know about it. It isn't fake. Some of it has been, indeed, corroborated. And the Trump/Russia investigation does include looking into the dossier--and whether it's true. Whether it was paid for by the Free Beacon or the DNC really doesn't matter as much as how compromised the sitting POTUS might be because of a relationship with Russia that could lead to things like not carrying out sanctions that were passed into law against that nation.

The "33,000 deleted emails" is a funny old thing to bring up, since it kind of looked like he was publically called for a foreign power to hack an opponent last year over those very emails. The same ones an associate of Gen. Flynn tried to get a hold of.  And that the Mercers wanted to help organize. If, for some reason, they thought WikiLeaks might have them. I don't know why.

One investigation is being run by Robert Mueller, who is independent, and the congressional investigations are, well, congressional. Both houses of Congress are GOP-led. It's hard to see how this is a Democratic witch hunt.

I don't know. It just feels like he might be flailing a little. And since the investigation into whether Russia interfered with the 2016 elections has been going on for sometime, why yes, everything happening during Trump's presidency seems to coincide with some degree of an investigation! Many people find Trump being president at all and the Russian interference as being more than coincidental.

I'm not sure who he's exhorting to "DO SOMETHING!" I am only sure he is not asking me to do anything, because all I've got is snarky blog posts and rude hand gestures.

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