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Sunday, October 1, 2017

All the Pretty, Shiny Failures

It's really hard to do President Trump's very busy weekend at his Bedminster, NJ golf club justice, but just posting screen caps of the Tweets strikes me as a very good start. If you start from "To the people of Puerto Rico: Do not believe the "FakeNews!" you might be struck, as I was, by the insufficiency of brain a person must have to think that people without electricity are huddled by tv sets watching CNN or MSNBC. I'm not sure who Trump is citing as the "people who really matter"--I think they may actually live in his head. Polls show that Trump's endorsement did not help Luther Strange one bit. 

Even the military does not think that the hurricane response in PR was all it could be. There is no reason to believe all PR buildings have been inspected for safety. And for some godsforsaken reason, Trump wants to turn to his diplomatic ineptitude regarding North Korea into another distraction (I guess? from his failure regarding the ACA repeal that never was and the firing/resignation of his HHS Secretary, Swamp Pricey?) by acting as if Kim Jong Un (North Korea' leader for about five years) was the guy the US has been dealing with for 25 years. And calls him "Rocket Man", because Trump is a child, and wants to impress the other babies in the sandlot.

Trump's Twitter feed isn't just stream of conscious grousing, it's an influence campaign aiming at telling low-information people that Trump is dealing with such awful rigging--the media, the haters, the awful Democrats.

But even while he's trying out that line, you can see what he's really doing--blaming Puerto Ricans for their own disaster--for not doing more when they have no access to power, drinkable water and food. Like his spoiled ass thinks they can magic those things up from nothing, the way he can push a button and get a Coke.   Puerto Rico's community is working--he probably posted this from a golf cart.

This is the flailing of a failure--the unattractive self-petarding of a Peter's Principle promotion gone horribly wrong. And the sick thing is--he knows what his failures are. He knows! He just uses Twitter to blame them on absolutely everyone else.  But if you must know, at least Speaker of the House Paul Ryan thinks Trump's heart is in the right place.  That might mean "under his ribcage and between his lungs", but between you and me--I still think Donald Trump is mostly racist as all hell. And no tax cuts for Paul Ryan's donors or cutting off of small, sick children from access to health insurance makes Trump less of a monster--it just reminds me of how much many Republicans are, as well. Because they see these pretty, shiny failures, and go turd-gilding.

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