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Monday, September 11, 2017

Climate Sunday: Bless Florida, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands...

I would be remiss if I did not note the great heart of Americans united in tragedy, helping one another through this weather disaster.  But there are other stories that make me seethe (I can not imagine treating animals so carelessly), and some that make me shake my head (I am not sure why any adult humans anywhere or when need to be told not to shoot at a storm. Where do they think bullets go?) I worry about Florida, because this storm is testing just about every part of that state. The people are either evacuated or facing flooding and storm damage to their properties, and the wildlife is much disturbed. But I see veterans in this state of many storms who have known what to do.

I just worry that what they are seeing today is going to look like the "new normal" ( I kind of hate how cliché that phrase is starting to become, but haven't yet thought of a better way to say it).  Today's storm surge in Miami might just be what we see someday as "king tide".   And not as part of a disaster, just as a regular thing.

Florida is a place that has been builded upon sand and limestone, and I sort of worry about that. It just seems like such a vulnerable place for climate change to effect--while having a governor who has done his part to deny this is even a thing.

Something like climate change has to be recognized to be confronted. We have many leaders in this country who have no interest in leading on this issue, but follow lazy journalism and aggressive fossil-fuel-funded propaganda. I would hope the silver lining of a storm like this could be attention paid to what fuels these storms.

But I have reason for doubt regarding the people who should have no reason for doubt, but still do.

UPDATE: And by the way, capitalism is a danger to humans and other living things.

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