Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

President Trump is a Complete Horror-show

Lying about something as basic as whether the cable news organizations are even covering him while they are actually covering him, is pretty much the stellar, stand-out example of how much Donald Trump, actual President of the US, actually holds your (meaning you--a sentient person) intellect in contempt. He is going to lie about things and his lies will be manifestly untrue. He will say there are no protestors (yep, many). He will say there is such a huge crowd (eh!) And then he goes on to insult the intelligence of intelligent people in other ways.

Does he continue to think his response about Charlottesville was genius--yes, he doubles down. Does he threaten to shut down the government to fund his border wall with Mexico? Mmmm-hmm. Both houses of Congress are held by his party and this idea is stupid, but he thinks it is great. He implies he will pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, birther, self-proclaimed "concentration camp" runner. He praises Jeffrey "Sieg Heil" Lord.

And now,because he's a fuckwit and doesn't understand that words have meanings, there will be more agitation--because he doesn't know how to pour oil on troubled waters. He sets shit on fire and thinks this is his tribute, his sacramental flame.

Nothing about this is okay. Nothing. Nothing at all.

(Also, Ben Carson, Hatch violation--this is a campaign rally, and he had no business being there.)


Grung_e_Gene said...

Trump's petulant cries about the Fake News, is just the latest variation of the old right-wing canard; Nixon wrote the press is the enemy, Raygun eliminated the fairness doctrine, Darth Cheney decreed only Faux News should be played. Trump's minions are pre-conditioned to hate the Media, they need little encouragement.

Even if Trump says something, conservatives don't believe it if the media reports it. Conservatives believe their facebook feeds over the News. Propaganda has won.

Vixen Strangely said...

Sure--there's a short drive from talk of the so-called "liberal media" (definitely "not Nixon fans", I think, was the charge) and the Accuracy in media etc "activism" of Brent Bozell III to Bush's "free speech zones" to "lamestream media" as pronounced by Trump's John the Baptist, Sarah Palin, and finally, the quiet bits out loud, lugenpresse. Trumps can only take root in well-fertilized ground. There's no good reason for anyone to look at Fox and Friends, Breitbart, or for goodness' sake, WND, and think--"This is sure better than reading the Washington Post." And yet there's people who do. It's like a digital lobotomy has taken place.