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Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's all Fun and Games until Someone Heils Hitler

Jeff Lord served exactly no purpose on CNN whatsoever besides being a not-terribly-bright knee-jerk Trump defender. His act was so tired that always-professional and not-terrible-person Anderson Cooper lost his shit at him, stating he would entirely defend Trump shitting on a desk. And he even sort of walked it back, despite entirely being true. The hypothetical Cooper posited probably had Lord sitting there, contemplating the circumstances under which the desk-deuce option was not only acceptable, but masterful and damn-near obligatory.

So, it really doesn't alarm me that CNN decided to part with Lord over what might have even been a joking castigation of regular RW target, alleged Soros-backed MMFA.

Sigh. He decided to be that guy who thinks Nazi symbolism is treated as "Funny:ha-ha" in the real world, when it is often seen as "Funny, HR will not approve" in the corporate world that was paying him.

Is this weak? Yes. The problem a lot of free speech-oriented lefties will have is why CNN gave this particular crap-for-brains  a berth when he was regularly racially offensive and intellectually dishonest for a long time. (The "Trump is the MLK of health care" nonsense is especially weird and a stretch and a great reason why this guy never needed to be taken very seriously. Ends have no qualitative merit in his world? All means are acceptable for what Trump intends--even if it means people lose access to health care? He's arguing a civil rights position for someone trying to deny access to a right. It's disingenuous and appalling.)

I'm all for free speech, but not everyone is entitled to all platforms. CNN gave this guy a platform, and he regularly proved to be both a vigorous partisan, but a poor commentator. His failure to be sensible to why Nazi humor isn't humorous was just the latest outrage--but it is questionable why CNN tried so hard to cater to Trump partisans, without regard to quality, in the first place.

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