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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Trump's Twitter Trans Military Ban

Wednesday morning, President Trump announced a bit of a policy shake-up over Twitter:

which was actually shocking--especially to the Pentagon, which had no idea this was coming. And it appears that this particular decision came because of a peculiar misconception about what Trump needed to get his wall on the Mexican border funded. But like so many things in TrumpWorld, it's based on misconceptions all the way down!

The thing of it is, transgender folks have been and are serving in the US military without causing any burden or disruption at all.  They are patriots and dedicated, professional, trained soldiers and solid respectable and worthwhile human beings. And they have put their skin on the line in a way President Trump had avoided.

What Donald Trump might not even know is that trans people are twice as likely to serve in the armed forces as cis people. That their health concerns don't drive up costs comparative to other soldiers. And that calling the presence of trans military members "disruptive" is nothing compared to the disruption of his rash decision.

Trump has never been a friend to the LGBTQ population--we are convenient as votes or scapegoats depending upon his political needs. His dishonesty and bigotry, and his outsourcing his principles to the likes of Bannon and Pence, should not be rewarded. This is one of those occasions where his combination of ignorance, indifference to othered peoples, and general incompetence, needs to be called out.  I am pleased to note that Sens. John McCain, Joni Ernst, and Orrin Hatch, not a one of them liberals, have joined the criticism of this foolish appeal to the worst of the Xtian right.

We--as Americans, and including our military--are stronger together, not divided for political reasons. Shame on Trump for this stupid, arbitrary, and pathetically political-grasping decision. Genuine US military heroes who care about this country and have put their bodies on the line deserve our respect and concern! I take up space with trans US servicepeople. His political needs shouldn't affect their reality as sometimes marginalized people serving this country with dignity and honor.

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