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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hobby Lobby Must Give Back Ancient Arts'n'Crafts

There's something a bit curious, to my mind, about the story regarding Hobby Lobby making purchases of over 5,000 Middle Eastern artifacts in some dodgy deals resulting in the company having to pay a $3 million fine and give up the artifacts. It makes a kind of awkward statement about what ethics the business has.

After all, this was the company that made the argument that they could not possibly provide insurance that included birth control to their employees, because some of those employees might turn around and...obtain birth control. I find that argument fascinating in light of this purchase of looted antiquities, because surely, they could not have been unaware that much of this sort of merchandise is not merely plunder--but dealt by terrorist groups to fund, you know, more terrorism.

Ah, Vixen, you might sigh, you're comparing IUD's to IED's.  To which I could only respond, "No duh."

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