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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Who Answers For Otto Warmbier?

I'm regretful if my posts are death-laden of late, but the faces of the departed are on my mind and I must blog them. And so it goes for this naïve and warm-hearted young man, Otto Warmbier, who died just after North Korea had the temerity to let us have his dying body back.

Do you know who to blame?  Because if you are blaming anyone but North Korea for this death, you can suck mud.

This young man was sentenced to death because he allegedly "stole" a propaganda poster. He plead for his life with honest regret--but it did no good. Who even knew that the North Korean budget for propaganda was so lean that the price of one poster was death? Because that was what they gave him. They tortured him, as if they thought he was not just an altruistic young man, but maybe a spy? This boy? This one? For no reason other than he was an American, and they had him, and they could.

But NK apparently realized that a death on their front porch was a little too much. So they gave his body back when all their efforts left his mind flown. Hopefully to a better place than this world. But they killed him, and maybe right away, and what they did is answerable to the current US government...

I dunno what Trump will do about this. Anything more than he's done over their missile demonstrations? I can not say. I know I would pursue whatever sanctions or even military demonstration I could get away with to let NK know they had no call to fuck with my citizens.

But Trump is likely asleep at his Twittermabob, dreaming about his Rasmussen poll numbers and his November electoral college. What did he have to do with Otto coming home more than accepting it?  But in this terrible condition? In this murdered condition? Will he try to speak for this silenced man?

Could he even?

Someone should. This affront to human rights is something the US should be responding to.

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