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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trump Skimmed Money From Cancer Kids

I've decided that if there was one thing I do in this life, it will be constantly telling people how trash Donald Trump and his entire family is. Donald Trump decided this activity for my life by running for president. I could have never bothered with him beforehand. But then his trash-ass ran for president, and his entire trash family supported him. All of a sudden, I was like an Anglophile researching the Royal Family. Any bit of news about Team Trash Trump became my favorite thing--and luckily, Donald Trump himself has been sheer grifting trash for ages.  He's scamtastic. He's the unfiltered id of thinking bullshit can be spun into gold.

So, the breaking news where Donald Trump insisted his son Eric's foundation regarding cancer kids pay it's way with respects to Trump-owned golf courses and a host of padded expenses? It sounds pretty disgusting, making Trump basically the equivalent of a scumbag who boosts donation jars at convenience stores. He skimmed cancer-kid donations.

That is not okay. It is way not okay. It sort of says Trump isn't charitable (although Farenthold already told us that much.) Trump is always a problem.

UPDATE: And Eric is pretty awful, too.

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