Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, June 1, 2017

She still has the Receipts.

I know there are some people who worry that Hillary Clinton might return from the woods and try to run again (in the exact same way they don't feel any worries about Joe Biden trying a run, even if he is also old, and carries whatever baggage from the Obama Administration the RW media feel like saddling him with). Her recent interview covers a handful of the reasons she did not win.

Some people want her to take more personal responsibility for why she didn't win. Fuck those people. The DNC didn't really rig it for her. Who were the heavy hitters who pushed back on the DNC/Podesta/WikiLeaks crap? Where was the rapid response to fact check and discredit the sources for the bullshit arrayed against her? Sure, her campaign did what it could, but we needed more squad goals in coordination. If the DNC and Clinton HQ were only as smooth as the relay from GRU to WikiLeaks to Trump HQ! Missed opportunities, truly. She did a lot herself.

But the claim that Clinton was a bad candidate just doesn't make sense to me. She had detailed policy plans. She was sane, sober, factual Her candidate was a poop throwing and possibly Russian-turned neophyte to politics, with a long history of racist and misogynistic diatribe.  How does she look less desirable than a guy who was a get-back artist, an angry old man, a fraud?

Here's how she looks in comparison to him: Presidential, I think. Sadly. Presidential.

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