Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We Speak English Here?

That Tweet is probably not ok and definitely not English and it's pretty late on the East Coast and he might still have a travel hang-over. After all, he did need a cart to schlep around Saudi Arabia and Europe. I'm not saying I'm worried about him but maybe a little.  I resent his entire maladministration, but if it's too much, I am altogether supportive of his seeking self care and giving us all a break, really.

My own contribution to this social milestone is:

My preferred medium has long been poetry.

UPDATE: And with that I've apparently forgotten that he just wants world leaders to hit him up on his personal cellie. Because here's a bloke with social media discipline and the ability to ensure his phone isn't being spoofed by a million haxxors. Or, the right few when his WH cybersecurity guys aren't on it.

UPDATE 2: This Tweet was stupid, but it made the entire Twitter a beautiful thing. (The Cuervo Gold. The fine Covfefe! Make the Twitter a wonderful...)

I love all you amazing bastards!

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