Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, May 1, 2017

Don't know much about history...

It's that he's president that always gets me. I can get comfortable with the idea that an adult can somehow not know things about history--but then I realize that he's president. Of a whole country. My country. Anyone's country!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vixen, how the heck are you?

You haven't heard from me for a while for two reasons. One, I'm just not paying much attention to politics these days. When I was younger I went through periods in which I found political dynamics captivating. In my case I eventually “had it up to here” with all of the utter banality. But I still tune in a little bit on the car radio, a couple of news sites.

The second reason is on your site you do a very good job of criticizing Trump, but the subject gets old, and I disagree with your opinion.

All is the same where I live. The summer is almost upon us, and the spring wildflowers are exploding with color. The trees have bloomed to such an extent that we can barely see the river down below our fence. The lodge carries on, and the subjects that I deal with are as captivating as they ever were, although I'm slowing down a bit. The gracious and lovely Alicia and I are still being controlled by Les Brigandes, i.e., the three yellow cats that urge us to be more generous caretakers. We still go into the big city from time to time strictly for recreational purposes, and we are considering purchasing some new firearms that would be lighter and easier to carry around.

We are still very pleased with Trump and would vote for him again if we needed to. We are very satisfied with the Supreme Court pick, and we appreciate a lot of the executive orders. I particularly like the one that requires eliminating two regulations before you can add a new one. And I completely favor the one that puts a limitation on politicians who want to become lobbyists. The possibilities for corruption when a politician can simply turn around and work for companies that he as much as worked for while he was in office are simply too transparent. I could enumerate others, but I like those particularly. I think it was prudent to launch the tomahawk missiles at Syria and dropping the MOAB was an intelligent move. I like the new relationship that Trump has with the Chinese leader, and I think they are working together to try and constrain North Korea.

I still think that political parties have outplayed their usefulness and now imposed themselves between a problem and a solution without contributing to the solution, and I still suspect that the real changes in our future will come through technology rather than politically oriented people haranguing each other. One of the things I don't think most people realize is that politicians think of rising from office to office as upwardly mobile career moves. They are not idealists sacrificing themselves for the good of the people. In most cases thinking that is naive. They are trying to ascend to the top just like people in corporations. Upward mobility in politics represents a career path. This is is one of the reasons that Trump is so disliked by the political class who live on donors' money. He has defied the political career path and simply moved into the top management job.

I hope you and your husband and your family are doing well, and I'll pop in from time to time.

Thomas Ten Bears said...

I am laughing, at the "superiority".