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Monday, May 22, 2017

A Presidential Trip Abroad 2: Israel

I don't know whether I want to say that President Trump misspoke when he said that because he was tired, or because, in his mind, "the Middle East" is Islamic and Israel isn't, even if he intellectually knows better, or, as an even dimmer take, he really didn't know Israel is part of the Middle East in the first place. It would seem that any adult person, on hearing "Middle East crisis" or "conflict" must have heard about Israeli/Palestinian...

But see? My idea of what one must have known is irrelevant, because my experiences are different from Donald Trump's. I know that Israel is in the Middle East, and Donald Trump is a reality tv "billionaire" who became president. He's old enough to be my father, and I am old enough to be his third wife. And I nearly dislike him as much, if a picture is worth a thousand words. Also, it really is hard to gauge the relative awareness of a person who addresses the problem of inadvertently (or "advertantly"?) leaking classified intelligence to Russian representatives by confirming the source of the intelligence:

To me, this all looks like someone who isn't ready for the job and who probably should have spent the weekend on one of his properties in his cleats golf-carting his way through 18 holes planning something cool for a reality show, not someone making a reality show out of other people's property tearing up diplomatic turf with his cleats-like tongue. And digging himself at least 18 holes in the process.

But that's just my broad take on the thing.

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