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Friday, March 3, 2017

But it's Okay if You're...

So, then-Governor Mike Pence used private email for state business and got hacked, huh?

Some of Pence's emails were deemed too sensitive to release as part of the Star's public records request. Security experts told the paper that hackers were likely able to access Pence's inbox and sent emails, which could have included those same sensitive documents.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Pence and Trump repeatedly criticized Hillary Clinton for using a private server and private email for State Department business. On Meet the Press in September, Pence said Clinton used the email setup to keep her communications "out of the public reach, out of public accountability." During the vice presidential debate in October, Pence alluded to the security concerns of using unofficial email systems, claiming that Clinton's email server "was subject to being hacked by foreign governments."

Pence's own email had been hacked earlier that year.

That's the most interesting thing I've read about Pence's emails since hearing about his fight to hide them.

Really. No further comment.

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