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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Climate Tuesday: Clean Energy is the Future, Anyway

What outgoing president of a major economic powerhouse nation just wrote an article that provided significant economic justification for pushing ahead with a clean energy agenda? Our outgoing bad-ass intelligent president, Barack Obama, who has tried on the environmental question and I think has done pretty ok. Mostly because his core strategy was making his difference, where he could, last.

And there's only so much a Trump presidency could do, to, for example, bring back coal.  The thing is--I don't understand why people with intimate experience with this industry would want it to be revitalized--let's talk about black lung.  This disease is a way an industry gets profit off of neglecting the safety and health of employees. It's not some romantic cross some blue collar workers have to bear--it's systemic abuse that leaves people thinking getting maimed by their job is part of their right to have a paypacket at all. Add to this a withholding of access to health care, and you have a horrific situation for hard-working Americans.  

Or sometimes people get caved in and blown up. Or their pretty home is razed and poisoned. There's only so much damage a Rex Tillerson, oil exec, could do. Or any other Trump appointee, who prefers an exploitation model of energy extraction and sale. Disregarding workers. And their lives.

Hopefully, the various industries recognize the real future is in renewables and clean fuels. Because without this understanding, real folks will suffer.

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