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Saturday, October 1, 2016

How Not to Do Legislating

For years, Republicans have decided they had no interest in the US joining in the ICC. President Obama has established a relationship with it, but the general objection to this international covenant is that it could result in individuals working on behalf of government interests being held liable in a court of law for actions carried out in some version of the "national interest". Regarding the recent override of President Obama's veto of a 9/11 law that enables families of 9/11 victims to take their case to court against the government of Saudi Arabia, President Obama warned that this could certainly have unintended legal consequences. As it could, as the long-standing issues with the ICC would suggest.

And the Congress not just passed his legislation over Obama's protest, but overrode his veto as well. And then decided maybe he has a point after all

Well, yeah you guys, while suing Saudi Arabia might be very satisfying, it does set up an uncomfortable precedent that we know could get ugly. Is it really possible that people in Congress kind of lost the plot just because they felt like "Who is Obama and when does he make sense?"

(Except for most of the time?)

Yeah. It looks dumb.

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