Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Donald Trump is a Man of the Terrible People

Now, the thing is, Meet the Press labels this clip as "Trump Quickly Rebukes David Duke" Well sure. But he also said "depending on the Democrat."

Depending on the Democrat, the Klan guy might be okay. The reason why this matters?

Klan and other racism-adjacent people are thinking he is totally standing for them. It may not be the case, but he left this speculation wide open.

But here's another thing he's fucking up, message-wise: women should not actually be sexually harassed. See, even though Roger Ailes is a kind of monster of sexist bullshit, and yet Trump supports this asshole.

Who got tens of millions severance to reward him for not just running a partisan shit-show of a news station, but to also feel great about all the ass he caressed, the blouses he looked down, and the actual human beings he objectified and made the working life of, actual shit, creating a corporate culture that was also based in treating women like shit. But let's just luxuriate in how Trump agrees that women shouldn't complain about sexual harassment because they were given opportunities--like, men can get stuff because of their merits, but women need to go down that extra piece.

Is there any terrible shit Trump doesn't endorse? I dunno. I just don't. I think horribleness is like his batsignal, and he's always for it.


mikey said...

Ailes got his payout because he's made the mothership something on the order of a hundred billion dollars. You do that and you'll be taken care of for life too.

That said, Trump has the smallest coalition imaginable. He can't win in November.

We need to start thinking through the consequences of that outcome. There are millions of Americans who won't accept the legitimacy of the Clinton II presidency, and there is a lot of ugly violence percolating just below the surface. There is a question about the real-world viability of the Supreme Court, and there is a very strong likelihood of impeachment.

We're into uncharted waters here, and we're adrift...

Vixen Strangely said...

After this RNC convention, with the "lock her up" and "firing squad" comments, I don't expect the crazy is going away any time soon--the hate is like a boil looking to get lanced. The only way I can think of to do that is for there to be an overwhelming landslide with flying carpet coat tails, and for the energy to stay high right through 2018 midterms. And this is the nailbiter for me because I am used to my party taking its eye off the ball.