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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Trump Problem 6: Dan Hominy

I think the Republicans have an interesting problem with Donald Trump in that they want him to be someone he pretty much isn't. They think he is growing and learning.  He will stop being a textbook racist asshat any day now.  Basically, they believe that they can decry the things said by Donald Trump, and still support "Dan Hominy".

"Dan Hominy" is my private name for "The Nominee"--a salt-of the earth independent small government businessman who pleases the evangelical contingent while being strictly acceptable to the Chamber of Commerce folks, and who, when he's up for it, shows a solid grasp of national defense priorities. You know, a "Generic Republican", who, if things were anything but what they are right now, would be just the three-legged-stool sitting SOB to eke out a 50-48 win over Hillary Clinton (the rest split between Dr. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, I guess). A guy with no major negatives, a reputation for honesty, and a basic general competence.  I think, despite Donald Trump actually being the person who won the GOP primaries, a lot of Republicans want to mainstream their guy as being this "Dan Hominy"--slogan? "He's got grits!"

Donald Trump might say racist nonsense, but Dan Hominy isn't even on trial for grifting students out of millions of dollars for a fake degree in going into debt to sell houses to even more gullible people, so he doesn't have to indulge in trash talk. Donald Trump might be a grifter who has spent the last thirty years gold leafing turds, but Dan Hominy is a successful businessman. Donald Trump is a deadbeat, but Dan Hominy is honest folks. Donald Trump wants to deport millions of people and build a symbolic wall to keep out millions more, but Dan Hominy is just a patriot who wants a robust immigration policy that enforces a recognition of citizen-awareness. Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims, but Dan Hominy is just a big believer in Judeo-Christian, and only Judeo-Christian, values.

I think Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan--sadly, the establishment folks, are trying to sell Trump as Dan Hominy because they have no other guy to take his place and think he just might be their monkey because he simply does not know shit. They will polish this guy into something they can live with, even if they think he should not have access to the nuclear codes. And when he loses, they will already know all the ways he was not grits, but garbage. The Sasse, Erickson, etc. folks who are actual conservative conservatives? Have been calling him out as garbage all along, and aren't making it up when they say #nevertrump.

Donald Trump is not Dan Hominy--he earns his media, but he also earns his negatives. He thinks he might not need to raise big bucks to confront the Democratic candidate for president in states that represent the coastal elites. Finally--I see how Donald Trump is generic Republican Dan Hominy--he doesn't know shit either. He waits for a VP candidate like Newt Gingrich to steer his ass to, most likely, greater ignominy. And feels no concern other than monetary for his success I suspect.

There's only so much one can do with a highly known quantity like Trump.

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Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, I'm not gonna get into this, because at my age I don't have time or interest in absurdity.

Couple of points, and I'll go to something interesting. Conservatives (what the media superficially refer to as “the base”) do not regard Trump as a racist. Racism is a word that has become a watered-down shibboleth. People my age remember what racism really is, and it's not having sensitivities in awkward interactions. You no doubt remember when rape began to be watered down because a few silly girls on college campuses would accuse someone on a date of rape. Camille Paglia said that the girl would have sex with the boy, then the boy would not call her for 3 days, then she would accuse him of rape. So real rape began to be treated more ambiguously. But whatever, conservatives are certain that Trump is not a racist.

You have to remember that Paul Ryan wants to run for president in 4 years. Needless to say, a Trump victory could screw that up.

Here is the conundrum that people are not telling you. As you know, Soros just shorted the stock market. This can only mean that his expectations are for a collapse in the economy at some point. Why?

The world economy fundamentally is in horrible condition, teetering on the brink of something more catastrophic that anything we have encountered in recent times.

In order to hide this from the public who basically are misled constantly into superficial side issues, the central banks are propping up disastrous economies to hide all this from public scrutiny.

In the past I have mentioned that the Bank of Japan, as well as others, has actually implemented negative interest rates. And I pointed out that were a person to buy a CD for a year for $100, when they redeemed it it would be for $99. This is an exaggerated attempt to prop up failing economies.

The European Union is trying to do the same thing, although not with negative interest rates.

Here's the hot news for you about the EU: the central banks are not only buying back government bonds, they have started to buy corporate bonds. This is a lot more important than it seems to the novice. All over the world, central banks are trying to conceal horrible fundamentals by smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand.

For example, if you want to give a better picture of the economy than is warranted, you can go to the consumer price index and take out companies that are in trouble and thereby change the weighting of your index so it seems better. Ironically, despite President Obama's rhetoric the people he has been protecting are people like me. Because of quantitative easing stock prices have continued to climb, and people with assets are protected from a possible decline. So people like me have not participated in the rough economy and the joblessness of so many.

Basically this will all keep artificially propping up economic indicators until the point when the public completely loses faith in all the lies. And at that juncture everything will come apart in a big way.

In the financial world where I have an insignificant footprint, we understand that if you have assets to protect you are playing against the house. The house has the odds in its favor, but fortunately shrewd financial planning can help protect from the manipulations and false data generated by the US and other governments. You don't beat the house by being stupid, and you don't protect yourself from the ravages of bad planning by naively joining yourself to the propaganda put out by political parties.