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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Six Delegates of Separation

In other primary news, Senator Bernie Sanders won the Indiana primary, which, in the apportioned delegate selection, means he got 43 delegates to her 37. This is significant, because I feel like people aren't paying attention to the delegate math. This was an open primary, so Sanders doing just a bit better was not too surprising.

Hillary Clinton needs 2,383 altogether to secure the nomination. She is still closer to securing the nomination altogether.

Donald Trump has basically secured the nomination of his party already and his candidacy is a dumpster fire.

I know there are people who feel like they should flush a vote for "Unicorn" down the old porcelain ballot box in the hopes that it will telegraph to the democracy gods that they have once again fucked up. But I believe that the old gods are dead and there is only math. I like math. I don't like Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton believes in climate change, equal rights for women, equal rights for LGBT people, and not pillaging the daylights out of the working class to feed Mammon. I think interventionism deserves all the second thoughts in the world and that the 1% probably deserves a trip to the woodshed. But I will believe that Hillary Clinton turns the world on with a smile if it means we don't get Donald Trump, because in the universe where he wins I see more war and more party favors for the 1%ers on the USS Fuckthepoors. I see a future where racial inequality is preserved or widened, and a sensible path regarding immigration is demogogued away.

In the Clinton universe, her coattails for Congress and her SCOTUS choices minimize the hell out of the damage.

You all do you, of course. I'm just making a vague point about math.

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mikey said...

Yeah - the Sanders supporters started out hopeful, but very quickly devolved into delusional anger. The basis of the campaign was a bunch of things that were politically impossible, a 'revolution' that very clearly was never going to happen, and a huge amount of ginned-up hatred for Hillary Clinton. It made for a disastrously poor campaign - hey, Bashir al-Assad is a horrible human being, but that doesn't tell me ANYTHING about why I should vote FOR Bernie Sanders.

So they close the overwhelming delegate gap by SIX - and pound their chests and promise 'the greatest political upset of all time'. It's pathetic, but no more than the sudden switch from 'Superdelegates are completely antithetical to democracy' to 'we're going to convince the superdelegates to overturn the democratic will of the voters'.

Pundits are asking if the Sanders 'movement' can be sustained after Ms. Clinton receives the nomination. The answer is obviously no - it was never a movement, it was a tea party - like reaction from the left to a system and a voter population that is suspicious of a high-tax high-service model of government and is not likely to implement 'Denmark' in the US in our lifetimes...